Frequently Asked Questions

When will you be updating the application?

The next update is scheduled for September 2nd 2008, and will contain a bug fix for a few commodities that aren't displaying correctly, as well as a bug related to the keyboard being visible during phone rotation. The actual release date will depened on the review process required by Apple, and may take 2-3 weeks.

Do you know of any other useful resources for iPhone HazMat users?

Yes, right after I wrote HazMat I found this web based UNNO lookup program. If you have any others please send them to me.

Why did you write HazMat?

I wrote the app because I work with a stevedoring company in the port of LAX and OAK, and was always amazed at the weird HZ/DG that we would ship and what it is used for. Since learning more about Hazardous and Dangerous shipping, I've learned to spot the Hazmat placards while driving and occassionaly won't recognize a number, and wanted a quick and easy reference.

Can you add support for UNNO 0001-1000?

Yes, this has been planned as part of a future release.

Will the application support languages other than english?

Yes, we currently have a working localization for Spanish and French, and will be adding other languages with each release.

Why isn't chemical ________ listed?

The underlying data is based on goverment requirements for labeling certain commodities deemed to be hazardous to first responders. So while you could die from something like Dihydrogen Monoxide poisining, it isn't considered a hazard when shipping since it isn't flammable, explosive, corrossive or deadly except when ingested in great quantities.